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1991 reforms for India, 2020 reforms for Bharat

The new farm Bills can transform the agriculture sector for the better if attention is paid to five key...

Farmer should be at the center of decision-making

In times when people expect the government to do more and more for farmers, a start-up founder built a compelling case for the opposite....

Onion prices: The power of onion is a hoax

Onion is the Indian voter’s most lethal weapon on the ruling party. We saw this in the ‘onion election’ of 1980 when the Janata...

Nabard doubled its assets in 5 years. How can it help farmers do the same?

As Nabard celebrates its 36th formation day, it’s time to figure out how the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development can improve the...

Three lessons that India can learn from Telangana’s historic Kaleshwaram Project

About 40 percent of India's population will have no access to drinking water by 2030, says NITI Aayog. Amid this, Telangana is in the...

She the farmer!

Closing the gender gap in agriculture will ensure economic equity for all The word ‘farmer’ typically evokes a picture of a man, not a woman....

Are farm-loan waivers unhealthy?

The next big banking crisis could stem from the unorganised sector, warn experts Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan recently cautioned that the next crisis in...

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